My favourite places we visted were Galapagos because of all the animals and the water was really warm there too. It was like one really big zoo but with animals in your backyard. My second favorite place was Iguaza falls, I liked it a lot because of all the waterfalls and birds flying around. You could even walk around for ages and see lots of waterfalls, birds, animals and much more. My third favourite place we stayed at was a camping spot close to Windhoek the capital of Namibia. I liked it for quite a few reasons. One it was kinda like Galapagos but in a private park where you saw all sorts of animals. My favourite animal we saw there was a baby giraffe. We saw it right when we arrived with its mum and dad. We saw it a few times after that. The camp even had a really big pool which I think we visited every day, again like Galapagos but just a big pool not a sea. My fourth favourite place we visited was colca canyon with all the condors flying around. Colca canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world, you could fit the grand canyon almost two times in it. While we were there we saw a condor sit down which was really lucky because it was not the time of year. Let me tell you that condor was big, I think over one meter while sitting down. Well my fifth favourite place we stayed at was Cartagena. Because of the beach it was so warm probaly a lot warmer than out of the water. But there was one annoying part it didn’t bother me that much because I was always in the water. It was that people asked you to buy their stuff nonstop. There were a few good things like goggles and cold water otherwise it was all just annoying. We even thought of hanging up a sign on our tent saying WE WON’T BUY ANYTHING. But otherwise it was all good.

I think some of the most interesting buildings we saw were the Colosseum, it was impressive. Its height is up to 48 m it could even hold a bit over 50,000 people. That is a lot if you ask me, it would be very loud and not a lot of room to sit. Another awesome building we saw was the leaning tower of Pisa. From some points of view you didn’t see it lean that much but at others you saw it a lot. Probably my favourite building we saw was the fortress in Cartagena. It was very big and had cannons everywhere. Whereever you looked you saw some sort of weapon. They even had little holes in the walls to shot from with guns or other weapons. Another awesome building we saw and the last that I’ll write now is Schloss Neuschwanstein. It is that castle you see on a disney movie when it starts. We went there like three times we even got a ticket to go inside. There were lots of cool rooms. There was even a cave inside which dripped water and had colourfull lights everywhere.

My favourite birds and animals we saw on the trips were: Blue footed boby birds, Galapagos tortoises, Albatrosses, Sea horse, Sea turtles, Giraffes, Wilder beasts, Ostrichs, Zebras, Warthogs, Oryx, Indina mot mot, Hummingbirds, Pergine falcon, Kingfishers, Parrots, Mouse birds, Sun birds, Penguins, Tucans, Marobou storks, Black stork, White storks and much much more.

We had our birthdays in… Josina had her birthday in Cartagena we were with almost all of my family my grandma, aunts and my uncles. We had dinner in our hotel and Josina got a cupcake saying happy birthday on it. My dad had his birthday in a lagoon filled with so much salt that you floated. When we dried off we were coverd with salt it felt very weird. Other than going to the lagoon for my dad’s birthday we didn’t do anything. The next birthday was mine in Windhoek. It poured the whole day while we went out quickly to the supermarket it was only 100 m to get some food. But we got soaked and on the way back we took a taxi home. But another part of my birthday was a camping tour in a truck which was cut short because of Covid-19. My mum had her birthday next in Langholz a holiday house my grandma owns. We didn’t do much just enjoying the sunshine. The last birthday on the world trip was Jella’s in Rome. We walked like 20KM that day and we saw lots of awesome buildings and didn’t have to wait in line because of Covid-19. But sadly we had to have a mask on the whole time.

On the world trip we didn’t do that much learning only our blog and reading a lot on the ipad. So we did do quite a bit of reading but maths just sometimes. In November back in Germany and in isolation we started doing maths a lot like how much you do in school. At the start of the world trip we read these books about growth mind set, you can’t do it yet and its ok to do failures. I think it was supossed to mean we shouldn’t give up right away if something doesn’t work. And if you make a failure you learn from it and its ok to make mistakes.

I think we did the world trip so we could see the world. We’ve traveled to Fiji, Australia and Germany before but that was always pretty short. So this time we saw a lot and had a wonderfull time while we were at it. We probably would of seen a lot more if it wasn’t for Covid-19. But we still saw a lot and learnt about different cultures. Like the Inca’s that built Macchu Pichu. It was still a pretty good time but its done now hopefully we do it again in a few years but I don’t think so.

Well my last writing of the World Trip is done now hope you all enjoyed reading my writing. THE END

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