From Schenefeld it took a 6 hour drive to Unkel. On the way we stopped at Koln it had a really big church. When we arrived we went to our AirBNB Aparment it was really small. Later on in the day we went to my dads aunt.

The next day we went to 2 castles we couldn’t walk up so we had to use a tram to the top. We hopped out of the tram and went to the first castle, somebody lived in the top part. It was quite good they had a billard room, smoking room, dining room, and a bedroom. Then we walked to the next castle. It was just a watchtower which was broken.

After that we went to my dads aunt again. While we were there we saw some parrots. They broke out of a cage from somewhere and started nesting in Unkel.

The following day we took a ferry to the other side of the river (we were beside the Rhine river). And went to some more castle’s, they were more towers than castles. There were two castle’s, one on one side of the river and the other on the other side. There was a bridge between them but it got blown up in World War 2.

The next day we went to my dad’s aunt again and had a picnic by the river with cake. The following day we just looked around at unkel. Then we went to my dad’s aunt again and saw the parrots again and a woodpecker.


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