When we got to Calama we rented a car and drove to San Pedro Del Atacama. When we got to our hotel we looked around the hotel it was mostly beds and had no Internet. It was my dad’s birthday that day, so we went to a salt lagoon and there was so much salt in it, it made you float. At the salt lagoons you could see flamingos so we went to another lagon and saw some. Then we went back to the hotel and went to sleep. There was a party almost the whole night long😡. Therefore I couldn’t sleep. The next day we drove to some more lagoons, which you couldn’t swim in but see flamingos and we saw some flamingos there too. After that we drove to some more lagoons not far away. But you couldn’t go close. To see it well you had to go up a cliff for a view. But it was worth it there were heaps of flamingos. Then we went back to the hotel and went to sleep this time there was no party the whole night long😀. The next day we went to this view point called Valle Del Luna which means the valley resemeld the moon. Then we went into another part of the valley and there was a big sand dune 120 meters high and it was steep. We had to walk up it and then run back down. The next day we went to another lagoon and this time there were no flamingos but an eagle flew right in front of us, I think it was trying to catch a small bird because heaps of birds flew up were it landed. The next day we went to these geysers. On the way we saw heaps of flamingos in lagoons maybe even one hundred and twenty-five. There were three kinds of flamingos in there (Chilean flamingo, Andean flamingo, James flamingo) and we saw some ducks with a blue bill. When we got to the geysers we looked around. One went six meters in the air. Later that day we went to a rainbow valley which had lots of differnt colours: red, green and purple and white combined. The next day we woke up early to have our bus ride to Salta. On the way we saw a coyote and near the end of the drive in a canyon a condor.


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