When we arrived in “Rinidia Bio” which is close to Siena we unpacked our stuff and had a look around. Later Dad, Jannik and Jella went to go and pick up Silja from the train station. While they were gone Gela and Swana came, that was a surprise because we thought they were coming later. When Dad, Jannik, Jella and Silja came back they were also surprised to see that they were already here, but Jella was really happy to see them. Next me, Jella and Dad went into the freezing cold pool. Soon after that we had dinner and we played a round of werewolf. I had never heard of werewolf before, but actually it was a really cool game.

The next day we drove to Siena and went to a really cool looking square with a big tower, which was a half sircle and went a bit downwards so that you thought if it rainded a lot it would be like a gaint swimming pool. Next we kept on walking and looking. We went past a big white and black striped church. ( looks similar to the one in Florenz but just a bit smaller and whithout a big tower. ) We wanted to go in but since it costed something we didn’t go in. Then we went to look for somewhere to eat. After that we went back to the sqaure and sat down a bit.

The next day Jella, me and our aunties ( Gela, Swana and Silja ) went to Florenz. When we got there we still had to go in a tram for twenty minutes to get to Florenz. First we went looking for somewhere to eat. On the way we went past a really big church which was striped black and white. It looked really cool because all of the big buildings weren’t attached to each other, the church was separate, the tower was also separate and a different building was also separate! But they were all black and white striped. Then we finally found a place to eat.

Later we went to the famous bridge “Ponte Vecchio” with lots of small jewellery shops, there were some cool little silver animals. After that we went to the Uffizi Gallery with lots of paintings where we walked around what felt like hours. Then we went with the tram back to the car park. On the way back to “Rinidia Bio” we stopped at a super market, and because of that we came back late. It was a very long day!

The next day we all went to San Gimignano. On the way there we stopped at a smaller village called Certaldo and did some walking there. Our aunties took a cabel cart up but we walked all the way up. It was a pretty little town but it looked quite empty because there were barely any shops open or cafes. On the way back we stopped at the best bakery which we had been in so far in Italy. There aren’t many good bakeries in Italy because lot’s of bread doesn’t have salt in it. Then we drove to San Gimignano. When we got there we did a tiny bit of looking around before we went to one of the best ice cream shops in the world ( gelateria dondoli). They had really good ice cream and A LOT of flavours. San Gimignano was bigger than the place where we stopped before and had more shops and cafes open. Later that night we played werewolf again.

The next day we did a lazy day and just sat in the sun for most of the day, we also played a couple of games. Otherwise nothing else cool ecxept that Jella and me went in the pool again. The next day we went with our aunties to Pienza. When we finally arrived, what felt like hours we walked around for a bit, and went in barely any shops, which is awkward for our aunties, they normaly go in every shop! Then we went to some natural pools with something what looked like a frozen waterfall but it wasn’t. We helped our aunties getting up the slippery hill, luckily no one slipped. Next we drove to a restaurant and we all ate pasta there. After we were finished we went somewhere to have an ice cream but sadly it was closed. But at least we found a nice little town where we walked a bit and then it was time to head back to “Rinidia Bio”.

The next day we went to Florenz again but this time all of us. When we arrived there we split up in groups. First I went with dad and Jannik to do Pokemon Go. Then we all had lunch together. After lunch I went with Jella, Gela and Swana. We did a bit of walking around and Swana wanted to buy a purse for 300€!!! But then she didn’t ( PHEW ). Then we kept on window shopping. Soon after that we went to go and get an ice cream.

The next day we had to leave to Lake Como. We had to say good bye to Gela, Swana and Silja. Now it was time to leave to Lake Como!!! On the way to Lake Como we stopped at Pisa. We had to walk a bit to get to the Leaning Tower, when we finnaly got there we did lot’s of photos. It looked really impressive because of how sidewards it was!!! We did some different photos some holding it with our finger or with our hand. Dad also tried getting a picture with his hand at the bottom and one at the top but it didn’t work, we also did one where we were hugging it. And lot’s of other stuff then we kept on going to Lake Como.

When we arrived at Lake Como we had to park our car in a really small garage, if we still had the 9 seater now it wouldn’t have worked. Then we had to walk up to the house, the person who owned the airbnb had a dog which barked whenever you went down. We still did a tiny walk to a church and then back. After that we had dinner.

The next day we drove to a bigger town were we went to a park, which had lot’s of trees and flowers. The park also had little buildings where you could go in. Then we kept on going, we went to a beach with lots of sticks. After that we saw a small waterfall and at the bottom of the waterfall was crystal clear water. Later we looked for somewhere to eat. Jannik and me had a magherita pizza, Jella had spaghetti and Dad also had a pizza, Mum just ate a little from everbody. Next we walked up lots of stairs to see a yellow church, it didn’t look bad. Then we went back.

The next day we did quite a bit of walking, first we went down to the water and walked there for quite a bit and then we went up LOTS of stairs. We walked up a step hill until we made it to the church, it was yellow like the one the day before ecxept maybe a bit smaller. Then we walked back, on the way back mum was so far behind that she took a wrong turn somewhere and then ended up walking on the road. Luckily we went down to the road and found her. Because of Corona we had to leave a day earlier than planned because whole Italy was turning into a high risk area and also Switzerland where we wanted to go next. Quickly we changed plans and stayed with one of my mum’s friends in Creuzburg. Bye bye Lake Como.

It was a long drive to Creuzburg ( 9 HOURS ), in the whole 9 HOURS we went through 4 countries (and saw a fifth one across a river) with only ONE STOP!!! When we arrived it was already late. They have 3 childern one is half a year younger than Jannik, the other one is 13 and the oldest is 18 but is somewhere else at the moment. They weren’t there when we arrived because they were practicing hand ball. When they came they had to shake hands with us which was a bit awkward. The next day we did a long walk up a hill, it was autumn and all the trees were different colours which looked very pretty. They have a cute dog called Quinta. The 13 year old one ( Clara ) had a pet snake! The next day we had to leave we said bye bye to everbody and then left to met some friends in Kassel.

It was a 1 hour drive to Kassel ( that’s not too long ). When we got there we drove past them and they told us where to park. When we got out of the car we still stayed 1 meter away from them just in case. We walked around a bit and then sat down to eat something. We ordered waffels which took forever to come, lots of people who ordered after us got there waffels before us. After we were all done with eating we walked up lots of stairs ( but we forgot to count them ). When we finally made it to the top we were all puffing but had an awesome view over Kassel. After we looked around a bit we went back down, we still wanted to see one last thing but then it was time to leave. Bye bye. NEXT STOP SCHENEFELD!!!

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