When we arrived at our hotel we went with our aunties and uncle to a cafe. Jannik and mum went to the hotel’s gym. My dad had a rest at the hotel. When we went back we stayed at the hotel at 7:30 we went down to happy hour where you get free drinks and snacks. Then at 7:50 we went to Juans parents house. Juan is the guy that my auntie gela is going to marry. They organised a band to play at there house it was very loud. But it was stil great beacause they always swapped roles. The next day we went to the gold muesem. I saw lots gold from a hundred years back. At the end we went in a secret door where gold was all around you then I went down to the shop with auntie gela she brought a tiny gold frog. Soon after that we went to a gondala we went to the top to enjoy the view stayed there for half an hour and then went down. Then we meet Juans parents at crepes and waffels. The food was really good. The next day it was gelas wedding we went to the wedding at two. My dad waited with auntie gela in the house because Juan wasen’t aloud to see gela yet. We had to do lots of photos. After we sat down we had to wait two minutes until gela and my dad came and took a seat. Then he talked about stuff like how Gela and Juan met and so on. Then we played some games then it was already time for dinner. The food was really yum. At the end of the wedding we went back to the hotel and then went to bed. The next day we diden’t do much but in the afternoon we had to say good bye to two of our aunties our grandma and uncle. That was sad😢. On the last day we did a walk with auntie Gela and Juan. Then we had to say our good byes to Gela and Jaun aswell that was also sad. Then we did nothing just stayed at the hotel. Then at nine it was time to go to the airport for our flight to Galapagos.

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