We had a short flight to Bogata it was only 35 minutes. We got a van to our hotel. The hotel had more room this time. The hotel had a gym and a sauna. Me and my mum went to the gym while my sisters and aunts went to a cafe. The next day we went to Juans house and had a suprise they got some musicans and dancers to come in and do a performance. After that we went to a gold musem it only had gold artifacts. My favourite artifact was a gold helmet. Then a bit later we went on a gondola when you got to the top you could see most of Bogata (Bogata has 8 millon pepole living in it😦). The next day was Juan and Gela (my aunt) wedding. I was the one that brought the ring to them with someone else then we did some games i was good at one you had to chuck somthing at a tringale and it blew up💥. The next day we said goodbye to my grandma and some of my aunts. After that we did a walk we had some police to protect us.


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We did alot of Inca stuff. They were called Chinchero, Machu Picchu. The Moray is a big circle (with lots of terraces). You could walk around it. The Moray is