Buenos AiresBuenos Aires

We flew from Salta to Buenos Aires. First we took a taxi to our hotel, on the way we saw some lorikeets and shags. Then we went to dinner. The next day we went to a market with lots of people selling stuff made out of wood, metal and lots of other stuff. Next we went to a really big graveyard for familys back in the olden days. After lunch we went to some parks. The next day we walked past a very big museum. After that we went to a park which had a huge metal flower in the center and we saw lorikeets and humming birds. The lorikeets were eating part of the flowers from a tree and then dropping them and then we tried to catch the flowers. We also saw a cool bird with a red head and grey body there. The following day we went to some parks and went past a park which looked like a little zoo. When we finally arrived at the japanese park, we saw some big gold fish in the water and some birds, then we went to a cafe to sit down. Later we went to a botanical garden but sadley it was closed😭. Then we had dinner. The next day we took a ferry to Colonia.

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When we arrived at our hotel we went with our aunties and uncle to a cafe. Jannik and mum went to the hotel’s gym. My dad had a rest at