First day with Juan and Gela in Schenefeld. When Juan and Gela arrived it was already late, but we still went up to my Grandma’s and talked until it was eleven o’clock. Then we went to bed. The next day Jella and me went up to our Grandma and talked to her, Juan and Gela. Then when mum and dad were awake we had breakfast. Then Gela and my Grandma ( Oma as we call her ) went and bought some flowers for our grandad’s grave. While they were doing their thing we built some bow and arrow with Juan ( Juan and Gela are my auntie and uncle ). If you are wondering how did we get a bow and an arrow ? simple: just find the perfect stick for a bow ( that wasn’t that hard for Jannik ) then find a really straight stick for an arrow. And a stretchy string and then your done. Jannik had a lot of fun with it.

When Gela and Oma came back we planted the flowers in pots and then we brang the flowers to our Grandad’s grave. When Oma and Gela went to the flower shop they also brang some flowers for my mum and Oma for Mother’s Day ( it was the next day ). Then we did a walk around Mühlenteich ( a little lake ). The next day we said HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!, made a card and gave her the flowers. Then we gave Oma her card and flowers. She was really happy about that! Then we played some games, went for walks and later in the afternoon we had a BBQ. It was really yummy! Then it was time to say bye bye👋.

The next day we went to Langholz. It was an 1 hour long drive to Langholz and on the way we did see some birds and some cow like things with shaggy hair and long horns. When we arrived the first thing we did was going down to the beach. We found some Donnerkeils, they are long pointy rocks, some are the colour of coca cola. And some are halved and they are not pointy but still cool👍. But they are not that big.

There are also Faserkalks which you can get from small to medium sized rocks. They are a bit see through but not like you can see the other side. It’s a bit blurry but not exactly like that. It’s more like you can see the light through the rock. And when we had enough of rock finding we went back. It’s not a long way to the beach, you just go through our little gate and then right, and there is a small path through the hedge and then you go straight to the beach. Then we had dinner.

The next day we went down to the beach and then we had some cereal for breakfast. After we finished we went back down to the beach. Soon after that my dad’s cousin and his children came over and they talked a bit. This is how it went for the next couple of days. Ecxept dad’s cousin didn’t always come over. And on one of those days a friend of dad came over ( Matten and Sünne ) and their children ( Pieter, Boje and Käthe ). First we were a bit shy but then it was better, we went down to the beach and did some digging and rough and tumble in the sand, we put our feet in the water and a bit more digging. Then we had dinner. Then it was time for them to go.

The next day Oma came to Langholz because it was Father’s Day ( it’s on a differnt day than in NZ ). Then we went to Geltinger Birk. The first car park was full so we had to go to a differnt car park which wasn’t full. Then we went on a 10 KM walk. We saw lots of ducks, Grebs, wild horses, shags, a osprey, a really big eagle, deers and a baby deer, and lots of other stuff. After the walk our legs were really tierd. The next couple of days was the same as the first ecxept we did a few different walks. And on one of those days it was mum’s birthday🥳. We went down to the beach, I found mum a love heart rock, a donnerkeil and a faserkalk. Then we went to Klaus-Peter ( dad’s uncle ) because he had his birthday the same day as my mum. So we went over and said happy birthday and then we ate some cake.

The next day we went to a small murky pond where we saw a kingfisher! Also mum and dad did a lot of work in the house. And then the next day Swana and Oma came. We did some walks and then later we had a BBQ. It got so cold that we had to go inside and huddle by the fire. The next day Swana came again. We went to the murky pond where the kingfisher was. We saw it but Swana and Jella didn’t. Then we went down to the beach. We found some donnerkeils and faserkalks but best of all was the seaigel which Swana found, and it was right under my bum! Then it was time to go back to Schenefeld.

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