We did alot of Inca stuff. They were called Chinchero, Machu Picchu. The Moray is a big circle (with lots of terraces). You could walk around it. The Moray is for Incas to place there food on it. We saw heaps of humming birds and other birds. Machu Picchu is very important. A lot of people go there. We walked up a big mountain called Wayna Picchu. There were plenty of steps. From the top you can see the Inca city. We saw a dead Geanepig on a BBQ which people eat. We saw a rare woodpecker. Ones I slid down a rook slide it was a lot of fun. There were heaps of lamas and alpacas and even baby ones. There were some salt mins it comes from a salt water spring out of the ground.

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