Our first day in lechbruk was not that good because it was raining the second day was better so we went to neuswanstien castle we walked all the way up and had to wait a little because we had a tour. The tour was good but sadley you coulden’t do photos. Then we went down with a horse carrige. Then we went back. The next day it was raining so we stayed inside, when it wasen’t raining that hard mum and me went on a walk. Then we went to the bakery. The last 2 day’s we did the same as the first because it was raining. The next day mum and dad went to neuswanstien castle, because it was really sunny, and we stayed with Oma. We also had an ice cream. Then we drove to feuer bach.

On the way to feuer bach we stopped at dinkelsbul and rottern burg ob de tauber. They were both very pretty old citys. When we got there we met Gela and Juan. We played some billard and table tennies. Then had dinner and went to bed. The next day we went to nürnburg. We first did some walking and then we had a crepe, we also went to a fountain which had a gold and black ring which give you luck, we did some more walking and looking around after that. We saw a stork baby trying to fly and a stork mum watching. Later we went back, on the way back we saw an ostrich farm. The next day we played table tennies and we did some riding it was really fun, my horse was called Flitzi, and Jellas was tom, ( nickname tiny tom ). The next days we just played games and went in the pool. Then on the last day we said bye bye to Gela and Jaun, and then daddy drove us to the train staion, we said bye bye to dad and oma. We waited one hour untill our train came and then the train took us to berlin.

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When we got to bogota we went in a mini van🚕 to our hotel. when we got to our hotel we went to our rooms and unpacked. Then we went