South America summerySouth America summery

What did we do in South America? Our first day was in Buenos Aires (Argentina), we viseted 7 countries: Colombia, Galapagos (Equador), Chile, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil. The country which we stayed in the most was Argentina. And the country I liked the most was Equador (Galapagos) because of all the animals and birds.

What l missed about home? I miss Jumper a lot because he played with us and he’s so cute. I miss my friends a lot because they cared for me all the time and played with me a lot.

This is a list of my favourite birds/animals: sea turtels, blue footed booby birds, gaint tortoises, sea horses, sea snake, armadilo, penguins, grey fox, humming birds, indian mot mot, blue jay. And toucans, macaws, harpy eagel and crocodiels which were in parque de aves.

My favourite places were, Muchu pichu becaues it is VERY FAMOUS, and looked COOL. I liked Galapagos because of all the animals and tortoises. IGUAZU WAS GREAT because there were giant water falls. In San Pedro de Atacama we went to some geysers, they were great because there was heaps of steam and the steam was stinkey and hot. And we went to a salt water lagoon, it was great because you can float. Cabanaconda was great because a lot of condors just zoomed past. We went to a place with a lot of caves in Arica. We saw a lot of cool birds nesting on the wall. We saw a weird looking shag that had a lot of colour on it.

Geography, because of our world trip I now know where all the places are (I wrote them up so I will remember where we went to).

Growth mindset, we read a few minset books. They are called: I can’t do that yet, A World without Failures, Your Thoghts Mater, Little Bears can do big Things. I did it with Jannik, Josina and dad. We all had turns with reading. First me, then Jannik, then Josina, then dad. It was fun.

We do a lot of maths so I know the 1 to 10s time table. We have some dices that you roll (they have numbers from 1 to 12 on them). My mum and dad tought me some tricks like: if you have 9 x 4 for example I do 10 x 4 first then I take 4 away and then you are done. We always have the dices in mum’s bag. We take them out in a bar for example.

Why did mum and dad choose to do a one year world trip? So we can look around the world and explore the places of the world.

Being confident. When I need water I go and ask for water (agua) in spanish. When I need to go toilet I ask (banos) in spanish.

In cosco there are a lot of difrent tyeps of food like marakuua. And in Sao Paulo they have cactus mmm it was yum for mum but to sour.

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