On the plane to Windhoek we got to see the sunset. It looked really weird with clouds underneath us and on the other side there was lighting and thunder. When we got to Windhoek it was really late so we took a taxi to our hotel. On the way to the hotel we saw a black-backed jackal. The next day was my birthday!!! (I was turning 11). My presents were on a table, my mum decorated it with paper flowers. The presents were a animal book and some ginger bread cookies. We didn’t do much that day just walk around for a bit. For dinner we got a chicken from the supermarket. The following day we picked up the car and dropped off some baggage to my dads friend. Later that day we drove to Anib lodge near Mariental.

On the way way to Anib lodge we saw some springboks, orxys, marboua stork and this other animal. When we arrived at Anib lodge we set up our car, our car had a roof that went up with a solar panel on top, a tabel, some chairs, a shade, a kitchen on one side and on the other side a bit that poked out to sleep in. After that we looked around a bit. The place had two pools a bar and a few walking trails plus a restaurant, pretty good. The next day we hopped in the pool for a bit we saw some marboua storks flying in the distance. After that we drove to a dam but it was closing early because of indepence day. So we drove back to the campsite. There was still enough time to do a walk, on the walk we saw some ostrichs, ostrich egg, sprinboks, rosy-faced lovebird and a giraffe in the distance. When we were heading back to the car we saw a zebra herd with a calf and a eland herd.The following day we went into Mariental to get some food and fuel for the car.

While we were driving we noticed the place was all green not red dunes, it was because it had rained a lot. We only ended up seeing two kudus and one big bird. One of the kudus had big curly horns. When we got to the campsite (called Mesosaurus fossil camp) we found a flat spot and set up the car. After that we walked around a bit we saw lots and lots of rock hyraxs a few kudus and some verreauxs eagles flying high in the sky. After that we went to sleep. The next day we did a 4×4 trail. We saw a really big lizard lots of rock hyraxs again and a really small lizard which had a blue head and a red body plus a verreauxs eagle sitting down this time. The stones at Mesosaurus fossil camp looked weird like they had been piled up, there were even special trees there that the Nambian people used to make arrow quivers.

While we were driving to Hobas our next campsite we stopped at a dam. We had lunch there we even saw a African fish eagle, yellow -billed stork, goliath heron and a great white pelican. After that we kept on driving and stopped at a ice cream place to get a ice cream because it was 34 to 36 degrees. Just before we got to Hobas there was a plain it had a girafee, zebras, oryxs, springboks, ostrichs, red hartebeest, lappet-faced vulture and probaly a few more animals we didn’t see. Then we quickly headed to fish river canyon and had dinner there and watched the sunset. Then we finally got to our campsite and hopped in the pool quickly and then went to sleep.

The next day we drove to Klein Aus Vista. While we were driving we drove along a river and a african fish eagle flew by and a goliath heron caught a fish. When we got to Klein Aus Vista we checked in there was a tree with lots of mousebirds in it. After that we drove to our campsite. On the way we saw some ostrichs and some wild horses. The campsite was nice, a grill a tree for shade a bench and a fence. The following day my dad got a message from his friend in Windehok that we should come back because a lock down was about to happen. So we had a eight hour drive to our campsite called Daan Viljeon Game Park.

When we arrived at Daan Viljeon Game Park we saw some giraffes and wilderbeasts. It was late so we set up the car and went to sleep. The next day we walked around a bit and went to the pool, on the way to the pool we saw some springboks, ostrichs, banded monngose and warthogs with baby warthogs. The pool was really good massive and really deep. When we had dinner some ostrichs walked by, they only have two toes. The following day we did a small walk to a dam. On the way we saw some red hartebeests and through the binocalaurs some zebras, on the way back we saw some babons climbing on the dam. The following day we did a 4×4 trail it was pretty good we saw some giraffes at the start, baby mummy and daddy. And while we were driving we saw impalas, wilderbeasts, springboks, warthogs, osthrichs, oryxs, african hoope, beared woodpeker, grey- go- away- birds and a shaft-tailed whydah. The next day my dad got a message from the german government that we had got a repatriation flight to Frankfurt in two days😁. That night it started to rain and guess what our car is not waterproof, so we had to sleep in the front. The next day we dropped our car off and got our baggage back and went into a hotel for the night. The next morning we had to get out of bed really early to take a taxi to the airport. In the plane we got put in prenium ecnomy and could watch all the new movies.


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