We took a plane to Windhoek from Cape Town. We arrived at Windhoek late so we had to quickly brush our teeth and then go to bed. On the second day we went to the supermarket and then did a small walk. The following day we went looking around a bit, we went to see a church and when you were standing there you could see a really new museum. The following day it was Janniks birthday he was turning eleven!( Happy birthday Jannik!) Mum made a little birthday table. She showed us how to make paper flowers ( that was really fun! ) Then we went to the supermarket and bought a chesse cake. Next it started to rain heavely so we took a taxi back. On the last day in Windhoek before our safari adventure we packed the stuff that we didn’t need for the safari and gave that to dads friend and they talked for a little. Then we got our safari camper. Soon after their talk we were of on our first day of our safari trip!

On the way to our campsite in Marintail we saw some springbocks and lots of goats on the side of the road. When we were about 500 meters away from the campsite, on the right hand side, there was a big dried up lake with only a little amount of water. There was one marabau stork and a herd of Oryxs at the end of the lake, the Oryxs looked really cool beacause of their really long horns and a black and white patterned face. When we arrived we booked in and went to our campsite. The next day we went to the pool, later in the evening we heard some guinia fowls. On the last day we went to the pool again and later in the evening we did a walk. On the way to the walk we saw a mongose. On the walk we saw one girrafe but sadley the girrafe was far away and when we got closer to it we couldn’t see it anymore. We also saw some springbocks, Ostrich running and a baby Ostrich egg. Next we went to the bar and mum & dad had beer, we had water. Then we went to the restaurant and checked if there were any animals, and there was a herd of elands. Then we went to the small pool and there was a small water hole with no water in it, and there was a small herd of zebras! And I think one of them was a baby but it was hard to tell because it was dark. We did a little bit of star gazing and I saw two shooting stars. The next day we packed in our camper and drove of to fossil camp. On the way out we saw alot of ground squrriles.

On the way to the fossil camp we saw a male Kudu and a female Kudu, we also saw a Kori Bustard. The camp ground was nice, there was one other pair and you could see lots of Kudus but they were mostley females. You also saw lots of rock hyrax’s. The next day we did the four by four trail and all of the animals were mostly rock hyrax’s but we did see a big lizard, a verreaux eagle and a small blue necked lizard. The next day we went to a camp called hobas.

On the way we stopped at a dam, it was really hot! We saw some pelicans, cattle egrets, a Goliath heron, shags, yellow-billed stork and an African fish eagle. Jannik even saw it catch its fish in its unique way! Then we drove past a shop which said they had ice cream, and then we turned around and went in to have a ice cream. We saw some namaqua doves, they have got a really long tail. And soon after that we saw a big plain, there were Zebras, Oryx’s, Ostriches, Springbocks and before that we saw a giraffe, lappet-faced vulture and a red hartebeest. Some of the Zebras were drinking at a water hole and they got really spooked. One of them ran half way across the road and then turned around and kept on running the same way as it came. A little later a group of five Oryxs ran across the road but we weren’t driving fast. And then we kept on driving and looking for animals untill we finally made it to hobas. When we arrived we meet a pair from Australlia who thought they were going to be the only people there but they weren’t. We found a spot and set up our camper. A little bit later a big group of people in a big van arrived. I think the people from Australlia were really suprised. Then we went to the pool and soon after that we went to the view of fish river canyon, sunset and dinner. Then we went in the shower but the lights didn’t work so we had to get our big torch from the camper. The next day we packed up our camper and drove to a wild horse campsite.

When we arrived we booked in and looked at the mummy, daddy and baby Oryx in a stable and the mouse birds in the tree. Then we drove to the campsite on the way there we saw three wild horses and an Ostrich. We set up our camper and then had a babeucue the next day after breakfast three wild horses came really close to our car and Jannik didn’t like it. Next we booked out and because of the corona we had to go back to Windhoek and stay at a campsite there. Then we did an eight hour non stop drive to our campsite in Winhoek called Daan Viljeon game reserve.

On the way to Daan Viljeon we drove over the fish river, we saw a fish eagle and a purple heron. Before fish river we saw lots of zebras and one younger one. When we arrived we saw a group of Giraffes beside the road and Wilderbeast licking at the licking stones. There were some baby wilderbeast to. Next Mum and Dad set up the camper and we went to look at the pool but half way there we stopped because there was a family of warthogs and and baby and mummy sringbock. While I went to get the camara Jella and Jannik went to look at the pool. While I was waiting for mums answer an Ostrich walked straight past us. When I came back empty handed we left but before we left they told me how huge the pool was. The next day we went to check if there were any warthogs but there wasn’t. The following day we went to my dads friends house and picked up the stuff wich we gave them to look after. The next day we did a small walk to see the view of Windhoek, we saw baboons and a mummy rock hryax with five babys. The last couple of days we did the same as the second day. But on one of those days we saw a big group of banded mongose. On the second to last day we did the four by four trail, we saw springbocks, wilderbeast, impales, zebras even a baby zebra, grey go away birds, African Hoopoe, bearded woodpecker and girrafes, even at the beggining of the trail we saw a mummy daddy and baby giraffe! On the last day we walked up a little bit of the four by four trail and we didn’t see any other animals ecxapt the Kudus and at the end red hartebeest. But we did see quite a few birds, we saw a shaft-tailed whydah, a big group of helmeted guinia fowls and grey go away birds. The next day we gave away the car and went to a hotel for the night. The next morning we had to wake up really early in the morning to fly to frankfurt. When we arrived one hour later we were in the plane and flying to Frankfurt.

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We drove from Cabanaconde to Arequipa. On the way there we saw 3 flamingos! Firstley in Arequipa we went looking around a bit. There where a lot of old buildings.