We had an 8 hour flight from Sao Paulo to Luanda (Angola) and then had a 4 hour flight from Luanda to Cape Town (suprisengly my sister Josina didn’t puke on any of the flights). When we got to Cape Town we rented a car so we could drive around. When we got to our house we looked around, I got my own room😀. We stayed in this place with more houses around us and there were heaps of squirels and some helmeted guineafowl.

The first day we slept in because of the jet leg. After we had breakfast we looked around Hout Bay a bit (Hout Bay was where we were staying). Next we went to a penguin colony they swam past you like only 15cm away. My favourite bit at the penguin colony was when they walked in a straight line waddling. And there were some little hamster things there too.

The next day we went to Cape Of Good Hope, you had to pay a fortune but it was worth it in the end. We drove to this light house and did a small walk. While we were walking a eagle flew right by us, it was big. On the way driving to another bit of Cape Of Good Hope we saw some baboons, they were sitting on somebodys car eating. We kept on driving and saw some big antelope things. We finally got to where we wanted to go. We had to do a small walk to get to the most southern-west part of Africa. After that we went to a different part of Cape Of Good Hope (a view point). On the way my dad saw two zebras far away😀. We finally got to the view point and my dad found some ostrichs near a road not to far away. So we quickly drove there and got photos of them, there were four of them all together. After that we drove back home and had a quick stop at the penguin colony. This time there was a group of at least 12 penguins walking on the road, it was funny.

The next day we went to a water front in cape town, it was big. There were lots of seals in the water, there would always be one popping its head up. At the water front we finally got me some sandals (we’ve been looking for like four weeks). A little bit later we went to Kirstenbosch it was a big garden we went in. We saw quite a few birds there sunbirds, cape sugarbird and a few more.

The next day we went to Stellenbosch (a wine place) we looked around we went to a stream and saw a really cool kingfisher (Malachite Kingfisher) and a black winged kite. Later that day we had dinner at Chapmans peak while watching the sunset. Another trip we did was going to this big dam, it was like 2km wide and 5km wide. After that we went to a bird watching place, we saw some spoon bills there.

The following day there was this big bike ride so most of the roads were closed so we couldn’t do anything. We did watch the bike race for a bit. One day after lunch we went to the harbour at Hout Bay and we saw 2 dolphins and then when we got to the bit where the boats park, there was a shark that was bleeding. I think it accidently got hit by a boat. After that we went into Cape Town where there was this small part of houses that were painted pink, yellow, blue and lots more. My favourite colour from the houses was pink.


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On the bus ride we saw a coyte just standing beside a lama. The lama and coyote were just sterring into each others eyes, like they were best pals! Also