Our hotel in Salento is right next to a hill you can see heaps of bird’s. We saw like 50 differnt kind’s probably more. (My favourite was the indain mot mot). After we looked at the bird’s we explored the city we got a sausauge and some meat for dinner. The next day we woke up early because we had a tour. He told us about the jungle and the tree’s. We saw a white armdillo and a lemur (the white armidllo is really rare and we saw it at day time too). For dinner we had pizza it wasn’t that good. The next day we went to this place with real tall palm tree’s 30 meter’s tall. We saw a condor they are super rare i think rarer than the white armdillo. The next day was new years eve😁 we climbed up like 100 stairs to a view of Salento. We didn’t stay up until 12:00 instead we celabrated Greenwhich time. We did a Colombian tradition were you put stuff in a bag like togs for good weather and then run around a block with the stuff you packed. And a German one where you watch this tv show (dinner for one).


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  1. Oma Loni says:

    Super geschrieben, weiter so Jannik. LG Oma Loni

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