South America summarySouth America summary

We have been travelling through South America for three months. We started our trip in Buenos Aires. We visited these countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Brazil. My three highlights were the Galapagos islands (Ecuador), Iguazu falls (Argentina, Brazil) and Cabanaconde (Peru). Galapogos islands because of the wildlife which you can see EVERYWHERE and the scenery. Where ever you go you always see somthing like a gaint torotoise or a marine iguana. My second favourite thing was Iguazu falls because of the ernoumas water falls and all of the birds. The bird I most liked was the toucan. My third favourite was Cabanaconde because of all the condors and the Colca Canyon.

In South America we experenced for the first time different altitude levels. Our highest altitude point for us was in cabanaconde with around 4,900m! And our lowest was probably Catagena, Colombia and where ever else close to the sea. In Cusco, our first pretty high altitude point, I felt dizy and not well at all. Its not a good feeling! You just want to close your eyes to imagine you never felt dizy.

We went to quite a lot of different looking places. Like in San Pedro de Atacama we were in the middle of a desert, in Galapagos near the sea, Salento in the middle of a cloud forest, Bareloche close to a lake with a lot of mountains sorounding us, Cabanaconde at a canyon and really busy cities like Santiago, Lima and Sao Paulo. The cities were too big and busy for me and I didn’t like them at all. My favourite one was Galapagos when we were close to the sea and went swimming and snorkeling all the time.

In South America there are lots of different climates. The ones we viseted were mostley hot and dry, but some like salento, Salta and cabanaconde were cold and wet. In San Pedro De Atacama all our clothes dried fast because of how hot it was and also it was the dryest desret in the world, then in Catagena it was hot but also stickey. And in Sao Paulo it was a good warmth but it was very busy because it was the fourth biggest city in the world!

The most common langue spoken is spanish but in brazil they speak portouges and some people can speak a bit of english. Its quite good if you now how to speak spanish and english! But its hard to learn spanish, but we did learn a coulple of words but not sentences. I miss my friends, the small villages, big playgrounds and green parks. But some places are a bit like New Zealand! In Aregintina, bareloche there was a lot of meat and in colombia. And in Cousco mum and a friend of my dad Gesa tried cactus and marucuya. The cactus didn’t tast that good, but the marucuya tasted good even though mum had it before in Catagena.

We have been reading growth mind set books like, never give up, thoughts matter, I can’t do it yet. Also we have been doing a dice maths game with times and plus. And we are practicing the 1 to 10 times tables. I think I got better in writing longer texts and more intersting texts.

My favourite animals have been the blue footed boobey birds, gaint torotoise, marin iguanas, penguins, blue jays, coatis, king fishers, humming birds, grey fox, condors, indain moot moot, armadillos, sea turtels, sea horses, eagle rays, pergreine falcon, skimmer, lorakits, harpy eagle, toucans, macaws but the macaws toucans and harpy eagle were in a bird park. And lots more.

The differnt money they use is pesos but in the countries that use pesos call their pesos the countrie which they are in, so the chilens use chielen pesos and the argentinanen use argentinanen pesos. Also in some places you can use US dollars.

The people in South America speak Spanish and were ever poor or rich and in Buenos Aires there were a lot of police and in peru with their whistles, your not aloud to sit on the grass. The place with the most poupolation was Sao Paulo but Santiago was already big and busy for me.

We did a few different tranportastion. We took buses for 19 hours or less, and boats and ferry in all sizes for at least 2 hours, we took planes long and short our longest was 12 hours that was from New Zealand to South America. Sometimes we took a car for rent to ecxplore ourselve a bit, but if that costed too much and taxis didn’t then we would take a taxi.

I think Mum and Dad are doing this with us because they wanted to spend time with us and make us learn a bit more of the world. We learnt to find the places that we went to on the map. We also learnt about the diffrent people which I wrote about at the begining, the diffrent money, the allitude and population.

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