It’s been a long time since I wrote my first blog in Buenos Aires. Now I am writing my last blog in New Zealand, from an ISOLATION hotel in Auckland. From Buenos Aires back to Auckland we have seen many things that leave you open mouthed! In South America I have already done a summary but now I can add a different perspective because I saw some other places in the world. I think South America is even more special since we traveled through other areas. Everywhere they speak spanish ( ecxept in brazil, they speak portugese), some people wear traditional clothes that we haven’t seen anywhere else and the animals and colourful birds are also somthing very special. I will never forget the old ruins built by the incas like Machu Picchu and some other places we went. In South America we traveled a lot by bus ( that was not my favourite ). I wouldn’t mind going back to Galapagos islands again, or the Iguazu falls. Because of the cool animals at Galapagos and because of the gigantic waterfalls and the colourful birds at Iguazu. We stayed in a lot of different apartments and the best apartment was in Catagena because we had an awesome view over the ocean. But the beach in Catagena was crowded with people! The people who live there tryed selling you heaps of stuff, but the water was really warm. My favourite beach isn’t really a beach but my favourite swimming place is a snorkling place at Galapagos called Concha Perla. We also had a really good time with my aunties and Oma in Colombia and Gela’s wedding was something very special, we had a great time there. My favourite places in South America were Galapagos islands, Iguazu falls, Machu Picchu, Colca Canyon and Catagena ( with dad’s family ). My favourite time with my family was in Colombia because we had my dad’s family with us there and my birthday was also there. I think that my writing has improved a bit, because at the beginning I wrote with simple words and now I can describe better and write with more interesting words.

Now to Africa, we weren’t there as long as we wanted but in that time we still saw amazing stuff. My favourite animals were the Giraffes, Zebras, Oryx, springboks, sunbirds, African fish eagle and the kingfishers. I can’t ecxactly pick my favourite place because we were only at Capetown in South Africa, Windhoek in Nambia and the road camping trip in Nambia but out of those I think my favourite was the road camping trip or safari, even though we didn’t have as long as we wanted but that wasn’t even planned yet. It was my favourite because I have never been out camping for so long and you never know if in the night an animal is walking around your car, but we were always at a camping ground. It was also cool that sometimes heaps of green is around you and sometimes you are driving in the middle of the dessert. But the annoying thing was that nearly every day we had to do a long drive, and the longest drive was 8 hours (but that was because of the coming lockdown)! I think that Africa is a really cool place with its wildlife and the dry desserts and other stuff that makes Africa special. My favourite time with my family was the camping road trip because we were mostly always together with no other people. One day I would like to go back to Africa and go and see the places we wanted to go to but couldn’t. We mostly traveled by car and our car had something like a tent on the top where mum and dad slept and we slept on the fold out tent on the side. My favourite campground was in Windhoek because, there was a pool and lots of wild animals and giraffes which if you were lucky you could see up close but I think it wasn’t luck because we mostly always saw giraffes there.

And now Europe, I had a great time in Europe because we were nearly always with either my dad’s family or my mum’s family. And we went to some places that were usually always full but because of covid 19 they weren’t as full. My favourite hotel was at Lake Como because you had a good view and it was a doubledecker, mum and dad slept down stairs and we slept up stairs, you could also walk lots there but that made your legs tired because you have to walk up heaps of steps. I also had a great time in Venice and Rome, but in Venice and Rome we did a lot of walking. In Rome we stayed near the St Peters Basilica and walked all the way to the Coloseum and back on Jella’s birthday. In Italy my favourite places were Venice, Rome and Siena. We have also gotten a lot better in our German because we had to speak German with some of my mum’s and dad’s family and nearly every day we read a German book with our grandma. I also had a really good time going on a Germany tour with my grandma. We went to lots of places in Germany we went to Neuschwanstein castle, we also went to go and visit my grandma’s sister in Unkel and other really cool places. We also spent a lot of time in Langholz at the sea. We mostly travelled with a rental car. Yay, no busses! We also had a really good time with my grandma in Schenefeld. In Schenefeld my grandma has a big house which has three apartments, my grandma lives on the top floor and we were on the bottom and in the middle other people live. AND we had the best bakery ever there. Very yummy bread! We also went to Berlin a couple of times to vist my mum’s family. And the last thing we did in Germany was saying goodbye to everybody and then drove to Frankfurt to fly back to New Zealand!

I will still add a couple of things. My dad told me to write a bit about a couple of things. Why did my mum and dad take us on this world trip? I think they took us on this trip so we get to learn a bit more about the world, like the other people how live in the differnt continents, what kind of food they eat in differnt places and all the differnt animals in differnt countries. We didn’t do much schoolwork but we did do a lot of reading and always writing the blogs, we once had to read these books about growth mind set and that you shouldn’t just give up because you couldn’t do it right on the first go. One of the books also said if there was a world without failing then the world we know wouldn’t be how it is now. If nobody would want to try new things and make mistakes, then there would be no progress and new things. So its okay if you can’t do some stuff first, you just to keep trying.

Finally done with all this writing 😀

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