World trip wrap up…World trip wrap up…

Here is my wrap up. I didn’t like going on a bus because I never felt good. But the amazing thing was the animals. I liked all of them. I liked the Vatican it looked really old and so much carved wood in the inside. I didn’t like it when we were so high up in Cusco I didn’t feel well at all. I liked when we watched TV. I loved Machu Picchu because there were so many lamas there. I really enjoyed Galápagos it was my favourite place on the world trip. Columbia was also good especially with Gela’s wedding in Bogotá. But there was not that much green in the city. The safari was awesome just not the last day. Because the water went into our bed so we had to sleep in the front of the car.

Schenefeld was very good! The aunties came and they played werwolf with us. A very funny game! Tuscany was really good. In Florence was a really cool church it was so stripy but in the inside there was a picture or two and that was it. I liked Berlin, it is really big. The colosseum was awesome it was were slaves fighted against animals. The angel 👼 bridge in Rome was also good. It had so many angels on it. We wanted to go to Switzerland but if we went there we would have to stay in isolation and we didn’t want to do that. So we missed out on Switzerland 🇨🇭 👎. In Africa the people look a lot different than we do. In Germany they are like me Jella. We had the best ice cream in the world. It was in Italy in San Gimignano 🌎. The best bird was the sugarbird, it had such a long tale. I liked the humming birds because they flap their wings so fast.

We travelled by bus, airplane and car. I didn’t like driving with the bus because I never felt good on it. How did the landscape looks like? In Cusco the land was so swampy where lamas were always on. Venice was build on water. Things we missed and didn’t miss on our world trip: I missed my friend Maia and I missed my friends Lily and Lucy and now I have to go to a new school and make new friends. Best beach 🏖: I liked the Galápagos beach because there are so many animals there. Like iguanas, sea lions, sea turtles… The best family time was Schenefeld because we always played games together and I went up to my grandmother a lot and played with her. Best thing we did with mum and dad was Schenefeld because we always had a lot of time together with walking, cooking, gardening and other stuff. My favourite place was Europe because there is so much to do there. Like Italy with Rome and Venice. The best birthday was Josina’s because she had it in Columbia.

Why did mum and dad go on a world trip with us? I think it was because they wanted to see the world with us and to see our family again 🌍. But it was amazing to see different people than us. I didn’t like writing on the iPad because it was so boring. Langholz was also really good because there is a beach where we went swimming a lot. We read a lot of books about Growth mindset together. They were called a world without failures that was a good story. The other one was “I can’t do that yet”, that was also really good, and the last one is a girl who never made mistakes, that one wasn’t that good.

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When we arrived at our hotel we went with our aunties and uncle to a cafe. Jannik and mum went to the hotel’s gym. My dad had a rest at