From Siean to Lake Como it was a five hour drive☹️. On the way we had a stop at the leaning tower of Pisa. We did a lot of photos, at some parts it looked like it was leaning more. We did all kinds of photos, hugging it, holding it and my mum and Jella did a cool one where Jella laid on my mums back while Jella pushed it with her feet. When we arrived we looked around the apartment it was big, like the biggest we’ve stayed in. The bottom floor was for my parents. Me and my sisters stayed upstairs. We had a tv, two big couchs and I had my own room😁. That day we watched a movie. We wanted to watch Harry Poter but you had to pay☹️.

The next day we went to Bellagio. We went into a Villa, called Villa Melzi. It was this really big garden it had lots of plants flowers, trees and lots more. After the Villa we went to a restaurant. We had to find one with heating because my mum was cold🥶. The food was really good, I had my own pizza🍕. On the way back to the car we took a little detour to see a church.

The next day we walked down to the the lake. We even saw a really big fish, it would make all of us full for dinner if we caught it. After that we walked back up to our apartment and further. We were all puffed after that because we had to wear masks too. When we got back to our apartment my dad saw the news and saw that Italy was going to become a risk area. So the next day we headed back to Germany so we didn’t have to go in quarantine.


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