Cape townCape town

On the first day we went to the beach in Hout Bay and walked to a fish market. Later we parked our car in the city and went to the waterfront market and bought a small bag. Then we walked to the waterfront and saw a giant cape wheel! Later we saw a pirate ship (jolly roger). On our way back home when the sunset came we stopped and did some pictures. The next day we drove to the penguins and we saw them hop up the steps and wadle to their bushes. The next day we went to a different fish market it had a lot of fish. Later we went to get our car and drove home and had dinner. The next day we watched the bikers go for a race. Some people were together and some people were just relaxing and getting pulled. Then it was getting cold so we went back. A little later it started to rain so we had to stay inside. After the sun came back we could go in the pool. The pool was heated and when you were just walking it went deeper and deeper. The day after we went to cape of good hope where we did a walk. When we got to the top it was so cloudy you could baerly see the view. Then we went back down and did a diferent walk and saw the sea from the top, it looked good. We saw two zebras that were walking😮.

We took a new car to a dierent place in cape town. When we arivved there we looked at the beach and started to walk for a long time. After my feet started to hurt. (They hurt a lot). The next day we went to a park and we saw some cool birds. You could see tabel mountin from a look out, tabel mountin looked really cool! The next day we drove to the airport as we are flying to Namiba next.

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