From Ancona to Rome it was a three hour drive. Our apartment was supposed to be something special for Jella’s birthday but it ended up to be a normal apartment. Later that day we went to the famous St. Peter’s Basilica. There was a big wooden platform which had really good wood carvings. All the walls and ceilings had colourful paintings on them. And there was this symbol of two keys and a hat – the symbol of the Vatican. After that we went to the best restaurant in Rome according to Trip Advisor. It was like Subway Deluxe, we got a kid meal of bread, sprite and a cookie.

The next day was Jella’s birthday, we walked the whole day (20KM). We went into lots of churchs and tempels. There was this cool foun tain it was really big we even threw a coin in. After that we went to Piazza Venezia. There was a really big statue of a horse. We even took an elavtor to the top, it was the best view in Rome. Later we went to this old building that was almost fully crumbled away. Next we went to the Colosseum 😀. There were lots of ruins inside the Colosseum. There was a garden with a bathtub in it. We went to McDonalds and to a ice cream shop you could get crepes to. I got a crepe and Jella and the others got a ice cream. Later that night we watched a birthday movie for Jella.

The following day we went to the Vatican musem. There was this really long hallway with paintings on the side, and the roof glowed. We also visited the famous Sistine Chapel. We didn’t do much more that day a resting day. It was a hour and thirty minutes to Monte Argentario, where we stayed for two nights.


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