Buenos AiresBuenos Aires


We first flew to auckland and then it was the 12 hour flight to South America. We got to fly in premium acodomy. When we arrived in Argentina we had to go on a taxi to our hotel in Buenos Aires. On the first night we had pizza for dinner. Also at night I woke up at 1:05am. When I woke up it was like 9:30am. And when mum and dad woke up it was like 10:46am. Then we had really late breakfast at 11:26. It was more like early lunch. Then we went to the supermarket. On the way it was really busy with cars and people. And now are going to explore the city. We saw some cool statutes. We also went to a lagoon there where lots of birds there especially pigeons. Then we went back to the hotel. We had pizza for dinner again. And this time I woke up at 12:31am. In the morning everyone woke up late again. Then we went to the park. On the way it started to rain and when we arrived at the park it was closed. We had to go under the trees so we wouldn’t get soaked. We had to wait for the taxi when it arrived it was a four seater. So we went undercover and waited for the rain to stop pouring. Then we had to walk back to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we went in the shower. Then we went for a walk and then we had a snack dinner. And now we have to get ready for bed. Now we are going to bed.

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  1. Hey guys… Sounds like a good start, which is fantastic. Great blog Josina, thank you for keeping us informed.
    Jumper went for a long walk yesterday with Zanthie and Sadie.
    stay safe and keep us all posted…

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