Colombia🇨🇴 ( Cartagena ) part twoColombia🇨🇴 ( Cartagena ) part two

We took a taxi to our hotel (Holiday Inn ) from our last apartment Plametto Sunset. How long do you think we drove to reach our destination? It took around 30 minutes. Okay, so back to the story. When we arrived at the hotel we got a friendly greet by our auntie’s and grandma. But we coulden’t go into our rooms yet. Also it was my birthday🥳 Then we went to the historical city where we went to a cafe called craps & waffle’s. When we had finshed odering stuff I got to open some presents. I got a pen, a little notebook, a long sleeve T-shirt and a game called L.A.M.A. The first time we played the game it was a little confusing but on the second round it was easy peasy. Then we finally got our lunch. IT TOOK AROUND 30 MIN TO MAKE, WHY WOULD ICECREAM TAKE SO LONG TO JUST SCOOP IT UP AND PUT IT ON A CONE AND EVERYONE WAS REALLY REALLY HUNGRY! But it was worth it. Then we went back to the hotel. After a couple of hours we went on a horse cart with 1 of our aunties our grandma my dad and brother & sister. The horse cart was great fun even thow it was so bumpey. Then we went to a restaurant. The next day we went down to the buffet at six thirtey the food was great! Then we played L.A.M.A. Soon after that we all meet at the pool. Next we went to the beach the water is so warm! Why do you think the water is so warm? I think it’s somthing to do with the sun and the clouds. Then later in the evening we went to the historical city again. We where going to go to the fortress with our aunties grandma and uncle but sadley we did not go to the fortress😭 The next day we went to the buffet. Then after an hour we took a taxi to Santa Marta, it took 4 hours to get there.

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  1. Sarah says:

    What an exciting way to spend your birthday, Happy belated birthday Josina x

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