Iguazu falls ( Brazil )Iguazu falls ( Brazil )

We took a taxi to the brazilian side of Iguazu falls. We first dropped off our luggage at our hostal, then took a taxi to Parque das Aves to buy our tickets. After that we went to the Iguazu falls, we first bought our tickets and then took a bus because it was too long to walk. First stop was at a rafting station but nobody hopped out, the last stop was where everbody hopped out including us. On the walk we saw coaties just walking beside the path, trying to find something to eat. When we made it to the end of the walk, I thought: Look how full it is! It was the ONLY walk you could do on the brazilian side to see the Iguazu falls. But you did have a really good view of the Iguazu falls from there. We saw lots of black vultuers flying around. When we were done doing photos we slowly made our way back out of the fullness. When we got back up we had a yummy picnic. Then we took the bus back to the exit. We walked across the road to Parque das Aves. First we went to the red ibes and the flamingos, next we went to the endangered spieces of the amazon, then to the toucans, where we saw 3 toucans in the wild because they were attracted to the food and their mates! After the toucans we went to the harpy eagles, they can put their feathers called a crown up and down. We even saw one of them fly, then the lorikeets. Next the macaws, where you can go in an enclosure ( One macaw flew from its sitting spot to the next and accidentally hit a guy’s head when he stood up at the same time the macaw flew over him ). The last enclosure had the owls, there was one owl which was very fat but looked really wise, some owls had little ears. My favourite were the harpy eagles, the toucans and the macaws. Then we took a taxi back to our hostal. The next day we didn’t do much except we went to a view point where you can see three countries in one look. And we could see where we were standing just two days ago, on the Argentinian side. Next we took a taxi to the mall to try and get some new sandels for Jannik, but we had no luck but at least we figured out his shoe size. Its 36. The following day after breakfast we took a taxi to the airport to fly to Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is the the fourth biggest city in the world with 21 million people and our last stop in South America!

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