We took a taxi from Cartagena to Santa Marta it was 4 hours long. Our hotel in Santa Marta was luxury but not as luxury as in Cartagena but still real good (mostly because of the pool). The pool was really big and if not as many people as normal you could do some swimming laps. For dinner we went to the city center and found a real good sushi place🍱 (it was the best sushi I ever ate). The next moring we all had early breakfast because we had a bird watching tour we saw heaps of differnt birds woodpeckers,toucans and HUMMINBIRDS!!! plus my dad had to carry my grandma over a river. After that we went to a restaurant where they had nectar feeder’s and there were 6 different kinds of humminbirds. The next day we had to have early breakfast again because we are going to a national park where only 6900 people are allowed in. We went snorkeling and swimming and I covered myself in sand it took me ages to get all the sand off. For dinner we went to the city center again and had crepes and waffles. I got a mora ice cream it tasted awesome. The next morning we woke up early again to get to the airport and had 2 1 hour flights to salento.


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We did alot of Inca stuff. They were called Chinchero, Machu Picchu. The Moray is a big circle (with lots of terraces). You could walk

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