We had a 3 and a half hour drive to Braubach. When we arrived at our hotel we looked around, 9 people could sleep there. Later we climbed up the mountain to Marksburg castle. Then we went down the mountain into the small village there. When we went in me and my mum were doing photos and then got lost. But later we found each other again.

The next day we drove to a spot were you could see three castles. They were called Mouse Castle, Cat Castle and I forgot what the last Castle was called. There a walk there too. It went down to the Rhine, where a statue was of a woman. There was a statue there because the woman waited for her boyfriend but he never came so she jumped of the cliff and turned into a siren. The following day we drove back to Unkel and picked my grandma up and drove to Trier.


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When we arrived at Bariloche we took a taxi and then we went to our hotel it’s called Nachoana’s. Firstley the owner of Nachoana’s rang his friend who own’s a