SCHWARZWALD… On the first day we looked arouned the place. But sadly it got dark so we had to brush our teeth and go to bed. The next day we met Susanne & Robert and the two kids Emil and Benno. We walked up a really high mountion. It was 11km or so. When I thought it was done we needed to walk another 3km or so. And when we were up there I felt my legs a lot… When we went with the gondola Jannik didn’t like going in a gondla because it was to high. It was very high. When we went to a reastaurant we looked for a place but it was really full but luckily we got a spot.

LECHBRUCK… The next day we went to a friend. She was my grandmas friend at school so we went there. They had a little stream where trout were in. We looked and looked and… but didn’t see any🐟 They had a swing that was really fun to go on. We did a little walking in the city but they didn’t come. It was a good walk. The next day me and Josina were really hot so mum me and Josina went for a walk. We went past a rage river then we walked back. We drove to Schloss Neuschwanstein. We walked up then we looked at the castle from the outside. We went to Marinebruke it was really full when we went back it was our turn to start our tour. We went in and we had a guide who told us about this and that. When we saw his bed they had carved wood on the top it look’s like candles.

FEUERBACH When we arrived there we saw Gela and Juan. I was really happy to see them. Then Gela showed us NOT TO DO so we did not do that. They had horses and I patted them a lot🐴 And they had gocarts so we played with the gocarts the whole time. And on the way we stopped at rotenburg op der Tauber, it was a nice place to stay we went in the altstadt, it looked really old. Then we went to dinkelsbuhl. The next day we got to ride the horses. I rode Tom it was a pony and Josina rode Flitsey. They were both ponies. One day we went walking and we went to this lake. It looked really cool. When oma said she wanted to go back so we split up. We finshed the game of pool. Me and Gela won.

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