It was a 5 hour drive to Trier from Unkel. On the way we stopped at a place were you could do a walk at the bottom we had an ice cream. A bit later we stopped at a place you could buy fish so we had smoked fish for dinner later. Our aparment in Trier had 4 bathrooms. The next day we did a boat ride. On the boat we all got a waffel. Later on the boat ride it started raining really hard. So we had to go in the inside of the boat. Later that day we went to a old rome arena were they fought. Underneath the arnea was a pit were we think they put the dead bodies in. The following day we drove to Ettenheim.


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In Arequipa there was a big church. When we were walking we saw some alpaces being lawn mowers (it was funny). We went to a beer bar and my dad