On the way to Etthinam we stopped at Heidelberg. It had a really big castle close by. Inside the castle it had the biggest wine barrel in the world. It is seven meters high and eight and a half meters wide. Plus it can hold 220,000 liter’s or 58,124 gallons of wine. After that we kept on driving to Etthinam. We had one last quick stop at the biggest cuckoo clock in the world. Sadly we missed the cuckoo pop out by a minute. We finally arrived at Ettenheim at 7:00 PM. Our aparment had table tennis! And a tv in me and my sisters room.

The next day we did a walk were you could see lots of squirrel’s (that‘s what they said). At the walk you could see the tallest waterfall in Germany. On the whole walk we only saw one squirrel and a woodpecker. At the end of the walk a had a photo with a statue of a eagle. After that we did a little walk beside a stream and saw a wasseramsel. The following day we met with one of my mums friends and did a long 11 KM walk mostly uphill. When we got to the top we had a ice cream and then used a gondal to the bottom. After that we went to a Strausse. At the Strausse there were lots of cherries I think I ate a KG of cherries. The next day we did a walk were you could possibly see kingfishers. You could see France too, we never saw a kingfisher in the end. Later that day my mums friend came over again and had dinner with them and did some table tennis.


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