SCHENEFELD… The first day we saw Gela and Juan. I was really happy to see them because it was 4 months ago we saw them last. The next few days we were making my Grandad’s grave we made it look really good. We did it with flower’s💐. On the following day we were working in the garden and it was hard work to make the garden look good. Jannik made a bow out of a stick. It was really fun to play with it. But Jannik never let us play with it😾. Then it was Mother’s Day and we gave her flowers. We helped dad to get some flowers for my grandma.

LANGHOLZ… When we arrived in Langholz we all ran to the beach. It was 10m or so away from our house. Our eyes were open for donnerkeils and farserkalks. First I found nothing. But when I was getting better I found more and more. I was really happy that I found some more. The next day we did the same thing but we met Jan-Peter ( dad’s cousin ) and his wife Claudia. We went to see them. And when dad was gone to Schenefeld to pick up things we decided to go for a walk… BUT IT STARTED TO POUR… so we stopped at my dad’s cousin and they gave us some toys. Then Jannik and dad came back and a friend of my dad came and they had 3 kids. So we played with them at the beach… Then it was mum’s birthday so we wished her a happy birthday. The next day Swana and Oma came and we had a BBQ, it was really yummy. It got cold so we all had to huddle up by the fire. Then it was time to drive back to Schenefeld.

UNKEL… We drove 5 hours to a place named Unkel. It was a really long drive. We met my dad’s Auntie, Dorothee. She gave us a little bit of money every time we saw her. We stayed at a river named the Rhein. We always walked along the Rhein which is one of the largest rivers in Germany. One day we drove to my grandma’s brother Franz and his wife Christel. She makes the best Semmelknödel in the world and apple cake.

BRAUBACH… On the first day we went climbing up a mountain it was steep. I was really puffed when we got up. Sadly it was closed so we had to go back down. THEN SOMETHING HAPPENED we lost mummy and luckily me and Josina were there otherwise dady would have been alone. The next day we had to pack to go to my grandma to pick her up and drive to Trier…

TRIER… When we were driving to Trier we stopped at Baybach. It was a nice walk. We saw some deer prints. We had some icecream at the bottom of the valley. We went to a trout farm and saw some trouts which were still small🐟. When we arrived at Trier we had a snack and went to bed. The next morning we woke up and mum and dad were still sleeping. Then when they were awake we drove into town to some really old places. I was impressed about how long it stayed up for. We went on a boat trip on the Mosel. Sadly it started pouring so we had to eat inside the boat 😭. Then we went the fast way to the car. When we arrived back we played a game LOTTI CAROTI. We had dinner after and it was yummy.

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