When we arrived at Frankfurt airport it was 10:00 PM so we quickly rented a car and rode to Schenefeld. It was 4:00 AM when we arrived in Schenfeld so we quickly went to bed and got a bit of sleep. We were staying in my grandma’s flat. She lived at the top, some other pepole lived in the middle and we lived at the bottom. We had to move and rearrange a lot of the stuff, we didn’t move much that day just the beds into a differnt room. We even have a bird feeder in our front garden, it attracts a lot of birds. The next day we did a walk around a lake called Muehlenteich, we saw some swans, ducks, geese and four common buzzards. And a bit later we made a cuboard out of some wood. The following day my dad ordered a tv, the tv had one long thin speaker and another one that was quite wide and tall. Later that day me and my sisters made a soccer goal out of a string tied to a pole and then to a tree. The next day we hung up some paintings, my favourite painting was of a pirate ship in the sea. When it was almost getting dark we did a walk to look for some deers. We ended up seeing five of them, not to far away but after a while they ran away. The following day the tv came it took a while to build but at the end of the day we had a TV!!! The next day my dad got a really big box of beer for easter. It had at least 15 beers in it, probaly twenty. Later that day we started painting some eggs for easter, my favourite egg was a dark blue one with yellow dots on it which looked like stars. We even made some easter bunnys out of toilet paper rolls. The following day we finaly finished making the house to how we liked it. The next day was only two days before EASTER😀

My mum got two presents, one from her mum and one from a friend. From her friend she got an ostrich egg. And from her mum some cloths and some easter eggs for us. The following day we did a walk around mauntach, we saw some swans, ducks and a lot of geese. We even had enough time to make some Easter eggs for our grandma. After that we watched angry birds 2. I won’t tell you what it is about because that would be spoiling it.

The next day was finally EASTER😀. When our grandma came she brought some presents. A lego set for me and my sisters got drawing books plus lots of easter eggs. We even did a face time call with our aunts, they were jealous of all the food and probaly the easter eggs. We did a walk a bit later and guess what we saw. Some bunnys in the meadows, I wonder what they were doing. For dinner we had a barbauce, lots and lots of meat with a little bit of salad.

The following day we went to the canal and did a walk. Over the top of the canal is a really big bridge. While we were at the canal we saw seagulls, ducks and some shags. The next day we went to my dads aunt, on the way we saw some white storks. We stopped at the canal again this time a differnt part. There was this bit were there was a wall. One side of the wall the water was higher and the other lower. So you had to go in it and then they put more water in or took it out. When we got to my dads aunt place she gave us even more chocolate eggs. My dad even got some clothes and shoes😀. On the way back we took a boat across the canal, you didn’t even need to pay. The following day we started planting some flowers and vegetables in our garden.


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On the bus ride we saw a coyte just standing beside a lama. The lama and coyote were just sterring into each others eyes, like they were best pals! Also