Schenefeld (Germany)Schenefeld (Germany)

On the first day in Schenefeld we came really late in the middle of the night it was really dark. The next day we walked to Mühlenteich it is a lake were there are a lot of fish eagels. They are flying all around the place, I think they are neasting somewhere. We coulden’t eat with our grandma yet because of the loockdown. I was really sad that we could not eat with our grandma🥺

Lots of days we had BBQS with our grandma. On the day before easter we were busy painting easter eggs. We were really close to a church and it keeped on ringing. It got quite anoying. We had a bird feeder in our garden and technically the only birds that were peking on it were: sparos, starlings, Kohlmeise and Blaumeise. On easter we did a easter egg hunt we found like twenty eggs each. We did heeps of walks around mühlenteich it was a good walk you saw a lot of birds flying around. We see a lot of deers like they are just walking around the place. Some of them were just stering at us😳. It was freaky like really freaky. Then they started to keep on running. I don’t know were they were running to? I thought they were scared of us so thats probely why they were running away from us.

The next day we drove over a canal so we could keep on driving to my dads auntie. We had a lot of cookies (they were really yum). On the way there we stoped at a boat place (we saw a boat leave). They open up a gate and then the boat goes through). When we were heding back we saw heeps of storks they actually loock quite good. The next day we were walcking to Mühlenteich again (It loocks really good). The next day it was easter. (We got a lot of easter eggs. This time our grandma could come👍🏼). Our easter dinner was really yummy. (We had a BBQ for our easter dinner it was really good👍🏽.We buldt a garden for us. We planted some lettuce in our garden.


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