ANCONA… When we arrived in Ancona we had to carry our bags up to our apartment. Then we went to have some pizza for dinner. It was really yum!!! After that we had to go to sleep.The next day we had no water so we had to drive somewhere to go poo poo. Next we went on a walk. We walked up on a very steep hill, and we did maths while counting steps in sixthes.

ROME… When I opened my eyes I saw a carrot candle which my mum made. It was something different and I thought it was really creative. After breakfast we went on a 20km walk. Then I was puffed!!! After that we went in the vatican where the pope lives. It is really impressive. It was cool how they carved the wood. Then we went to the colosseum, a big, very old stadium. We had to wait for a long time but then we could go into the colosseum, it was impressive. A long time ago, there were a lot of fights with animals and slaves. Then we went back. On the way we stopped by a restaurant. It was really yummy food. We all had a sandwich, except my mum, she had a salad. And I even got a chocolate muffin with a real candle for my birthday. Then we headed back to our apartment. We got to watch a movie and then we had to go to bed😴. It was a really special birthday for me in Rome!

Monte Argentario… When we arrived at the peninsula we went walking by the water. We saw a lot of fishes and fishermen but we didn’t see anybody who caught a fish🐠. We started to head back to our apartment then we went to sleep😴.The next day we went walking by the beach. We fed the fishes with a little bit of bread and we nwatched them how they ate. It was starting to get dark so we headed back to our apartment. The next morning we had to leave to Siena.

Seina… When we arrived, we went to the train station. There we picked up Silja. Then we thought that we had to wait for our other aunties but they were already there so we didn’t have to wait for them. The next morning we went up to our aunties and had breakfast with them. The only reason why Jannik went up was because there was Nutella. Our aunties are a scaredy-cat when they see spooky spiders.
Later we went to a cool 😎 square where it bends down. Then Swana and Gela were starting to get hungry so they bought something to eat. We went to a really big church, it looked good from the outside but not in the inside. There were only a few photos on the wall and that was all. Then we met each other to eat something. I had pasta, it tasted really good. Later we headed back to the apartment. After that we played werwolf, it is a really good game and we did that every night.The next day it was a rainy day so we had to stay in the house. We thought that we were going to do a game day but then it was more a talking day. But then we did play werwolf. After that we played outside, we played soccer because we got bored. Jannik always wants to play soccer with us, but we don’t want to play soccer with him. ( he was lucky that we played with him ) After that we went back inside because it was starting to rain 🌧 . Then we played werwolf. After that we had to go to bed 🛌 .

The next morning we went to Florence, we went to a really big striped church, it looked good. Then we all split up, there was the Pokemon group, that is a game that my brother and my dad play a lot, then there was the cool group that was Swana, Gela, and me. We went shopping for clothes for our anties. Then we went to bed. The next day Swana Gela and me and Josina went to Florence. At the end of the day I went into the pool with only my undie. It was really cold 🥶.

When we arrived at lake Como it started to rain so we had to stay inside for the day. But then we went to look around the place. It is a really beautiful lake there. It was starting to get dark so we went back. The next morning we went to the water 💧. We did a lot of walking🚶‍♀️ and we walked through a big garden with lots of trees and a small museum. After that we went back to the apartment and did some puzzling, it is a really good puzzle 🧩. We wanted to stay for another night but for corona we couldn’t stay for another night sadly.

When we arrived at Creuzburg we met one of my mum’s friends Marlene, she is really nice 👍. They have 3 kids but only two kids were there. But they were first at Handball 🤾‍♀️. When they came I was a bit nervous when I saw them as I am always a bit shy first. But then we played a few games (Sagaland) and I felt better and really liked it. After that we had to go to bed 🛌. The next morning we did a big walk up a steep hill, I got puffed because I was running up the hill following their dog Quinta 🐕. When we were up at the top of the hill we went in a tower with a lot of steps going up, but you had a nice view from up there. When we arrived back at their house we ate dinner with them, but after dinner we had to go to bed. The next day we had to leave sadly 😭.

When we arrived at Kassel we saw Juliane and Daniel, we were so happy to see them. We walked up a hill and it was tiring going up the steps. I could have exploded because of the steps 🤯. We went to a restaurant we had waffles there. Then we went to the Hercules square we had to go up so many steps to get there. When we got down to the car we had to say good bye and drove back to Schenefeld.

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