From Catagena we had a 4 hour drive to Santamata some of the luggage was on the roof. In santarmata we saw a lot of humming birds. our hotel had a giant pool. On the last day we went snorkling and saw 1000 fishs. On the first day in salento we explored the city.😟 In salento we climed a mini hill. The second day was great we did a tour we saw 50 meters tall palm trees. We saw 1 condor 🦅 and some humming birds. In Salento we did a giant walk it was 3 hours long l was puffed😱. Then we walked all the way back to our Hotel😞 and we just relaxed😄. Then we did maths it was so complecated🤯. Somebody drawed me, my aunties and my brother and sister. On New years eave we packed our bag and ran around the blog👍🏻.

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On the bus ride we saw a coyte just standing beside a lama. The lama and coyote were just sterring into each others eyes, like they were best pals! Also