Iguazu Falls ( Argentina )Iguazu Falls ( Argentina )

We took a plane from Buenos Aires to Puetro Iguazu. On the first day we went looking for a supermarket. Later we went to a restaurant for dinner, my dad had steak we had noodles and chicken for dinner. The following day after breakfast we wanted to go to a view point but it started to rain so we went back. Later in the afternoon we went to a humming bird sanctuary ( santuario del picaflor ). We saw lots of birds there, we saw a really blue bird, some yellow breasted birds and lots of humming birds. One of the humming birds had a forked tail, another one was black and white. After we went back to our apartement and did some writing, while we were writing we heard some lorikeets talking. The next day we took a taxi to Iguazu falls. On the way there we saw some road signs of jaguars, ant eaters and coaties. When we got there we bought the entry tickets and then went to a walk that was closed because of the rain and storm the night before. Also it was the best place to find a toucan. So we first went to a different walk, on that walk we saw a lot of blue jays and black vultures. You could also see the iguazu falls from far away. When I first saw the Iguazu falls I thought: Wow that looks cool! So huge! Then we did another walk and saw a king fisher and more blue jays, then we went to check if the walk we wanted to do was open but it wasn’t. On the way to the second to last walk we saw a lot of blue birds, a red bird and a crocodile. On that walk you could see the iguazu falls really well, we saw a bird far in the distance, lots of big black birds with long beacks, my dad saw a big white and black bird eating another bird but it was really far away, 2 king fishers, lots of black vultures, lots more blue jays and we let butter flys go on our fingers. Then we went back to the train station were we saw lots of coaties which people were feeding them even though you aren’t supposed to, and then took the train to the last walk. When we finally arrived with the train we went to the beginning of the walk. We walked to the view point and it was very full but you had a very good view of the Iguazu falls, when ever the sun came out you could see rainbows. Sometimes you could even see a double rainbow. We let somone do a photo of us and you can pick it up at the exit. On the way back on the train we saw a tortoise along the railway. At the exit we picked up our photo and then took a taxi back to our hotel. Luckily we still had time to hop into the pool before we went to a view point where we could see three countries in one look ( Paraguay, Brazil and the country we were in – Argentina ). I thought it is a little weird seeing 3 countries in one look. Soon we had dinner. After dinner we looked at the photos and we figuerd out on the second to last walk the bird wich was far away in the distance was a toucan! But its beack was behind a leaf and you couldn’t see its colours. The next day we quickly had breakfast because our taxi came early to take us to the Brazilian side of the Iguazu falls.

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