We took a taxi to Brazil, at the Argentina side of control you didn’t even need to hop out of the car. But at the Brazilian side you have to get out of the car. We got to the hotel and just dropped our baggage off. And then went to the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls. There was only one track, so everybody had to use it. It was really squishy you were only like 5 to 15 cm away from somebody and sometimes less. There were lots of viewpoints on the way, we only stopped at one. Sometimes there were coatis on the track. We even saw a baby one and one with half a tail missing. I think it had a encounter with a puma, jagur or a other preadtor. We finally got to the most pouplar viewpoint were you could see the biggest waterfalls. And slowly started our way through the crowds to a good spot. In the end we gave up trying to go through the crowds and dad just did some photos, while holding the camera high over his head. In my opinion the Argentina side is better, it has better viewpoints, you can get closer to the waterfalls and it even has more walkways and room. After that we went to Parque Das Aves. My three favourite things at Parque Das Aves were: One seeing the harpy eagles, sadly they are nearly extinct because of deforestation. Two going in a enclsoure with toucans. And when we got out two wild toucans came, because they were attracted to the food and other toucans. Three we went in a enclosure with macaws, one person was hit in the head by one accidently and one climbed down a tree to the floor. The next day we went to the brazilian side of the viewpoint. There was a fountain there and a playground to go on. You could see the Argentina side of the viewpoint where we were. After that we went to a shoping mall to find me some sandals, but that didn’t work. The next day we took a flight to Sao Paulo the fourth biggest city in the world with 21.8 millon pepole living in it.


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When we arrived at our hotel we went with our aunties and uncle to a cafe. Jannik and mum went to the hotel’s gym. My dad had a rest at