This is my second story about Cartagena. (I have 2 stories about Cartagena because this time when we changed hotels we stayed in Cartengena. 😄 so that’s why i’m writing about it again) plus it’s my sister’s birthday 🥳 . This time our hotel was called Holiday inn. We saw my aunts and grandmother there. (There are 10 of us alltogehter we got 5 rooms all they had where two beds a TV and a bath room that’s why we got 5 room’s. After we sorted out our room’s we went to the city and had a ice cream and some pizza. It was YUMMY!!! When we got back to the hotel it was 10:00 PM. The next day we went to the pool and beach half the day nothing cool happened expext in the pool we did volley ball🏐 and we were supriseingly good. We went to the city a bit later and explored a bit with our aunt’s and grandmother because they had’nt seen the city and they went shoping☹️. Plus we went to this horse and it had a cart on the back and pulled us. It was a bit bumpy but we saw some cool buildings on the horse ride. And in the city my aunt’s and one of my sister’s tried doing dancing but because of fireworks it was closed so we went to my dad’s favourite beer bar and played a round of dopplekoft (Josina won all the rounds). The next day was CHRISTMAS!!! we did’nt get much presents. Because we would’nt be able to bring it with us but the presents were cool we got a ball of putty and a voucher to get 6 kinds of lollies. For example ice cream, sprite and anything else you want😃. Christmas was almost the same as yesterday expect my aunt’s and sisters’s went shoping and i stayed and did volley ball. Then when we went to the city we had pizza it was the best or second best pizza i ever ate we ate at this place under the trees the had glowing stars hanging off them. The next moring we had a 4 hour drive to Santa Marta.


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