From Monte Argentario to Siena it was an one hour and thirty minute drive😀 (not a lot). We arrived and looked around at the new place. There was a pool, table tennis, soccer, basketball and kicker. After we looked around we picked up one of my aunts. We picked her up from the train station and did a bit of shopping. When we arrived back at the apartment my other two aunts were there. We were going to stay with them for 8 nights at the apartment. My sisters and dad hopped in the pool quickly to cool off. After going in the pool we even saw a little scorpion before going to bed.

The next day we went to Siena (our apartment was roughly 10KM away from Siena). We looked at this big church, there was a square in front of it. It sloped down in the middle, sometimes they did horse racing there. They had to fill the whole square up with sand so the horses could do running. In the middle everybody was watching the riders and horses racing. The horses ran around everybody🐴. After that we went to another church, this one had white and black stripes all over it. A bit later we went to a restaurant to have dinner, we ALL had pizza🍕.

The following day my aunts and sisters went to Florence. Me,my Mum and Dad stayed at the apartment. When it was half way through the day we drove to a mountain and did a walk. It wasn’t a long walk, just one hour long. We went onto a path were we think wild pigs came because all the dirt was moved around. Thats what the wild pigs do to find nuts and mushrooms underground and then eat them. After that we went to a restaurant I was allowed two cups of coca cola. Later that day we went to a castle where lots of people were dressed up. Later we figured out they were making a movie. We went into a museum it had old weapons, crossbow, spears, swords and armour. We walked on the castle walls after we looked at the museum and went to a cafe and ate a sandwich. The weird thing with the bread in Italy is that it has no salt. But the cheese and meat had a lot of salt in them. (Later we figured out to ask for bread with salt in it at the shop). Then we headed back to or apartment. My aunts and sisters said they would come back at seven but in the end they came back at nine. When they finally came back we ate and played a game called werwolf.

The next day we all went to Florence. On the way we stopped at San Gimignano where they had the best ice cream in the world, well they won it a few times. And I must say, it tasted really good! At Florence we did Pokemon Go because there was a community day. It is were you get a boosted shiny chance, a rare version of a normal pokemon. There was also this really big church that was white and black and had a golden door (not real gold). At the end of the day we went up to a lookout over Florence. It was the best view of Florence. We even had an ice cream up there, it tasted good.

The next day Jella got some late birthday presents. A lot more than me and Josina together 😔. That day we got ready to leave to Lake Como. It was going to be a 5 hour drive☹️.


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