This is a summary about South America. In South America we visted Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador (Galapagos), Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. My five favourite places in all of South America were: 1. Galapagos because of all the animals and birds. We even saw the blue footed booby birds, which you can’t see anywhere else in the world. 2. Iguazu Falls because it had lots of birds and the water falls were humongos. 3. Colca Canyon because of all the condors, the condors flew by so close and one even landed for us. 4. Machu Pichu because of all the Inca buildings and we even climbed up Waynu Pichu were you had the best view over the Inca city. 5. Atcama Desert because there were so many things to do big, sand dunes, geysers and lagoons with so much salt in them they made you float.

We have been learning about growth mindset. Its good if you have a growth mindset because that means you will do something that is hard, even if you do a mistake you will learn from it. But if you have a fixed mindset you won’t even try something that is hard because you think it will be too hard so you will stay with the easy stuff. Mistakes are good because you learn from them you might get it wrong the first time but after a while you will get it right.

In some places there are pepole without any money so they don’t have a house so they had to sleep on a matrasse on the side of the road. And they had to get there food from rubbish bins. And in Cartagena at the beach everybody wanted to sell you something like a tent so you had some shade, hats, massages, swimming googles and much more. And in other places there were people with more money, like people living in fancy houses.

I enjoyed and disliked quite a few places. I liked Galapagos a lot because of the animals and the climate zone there was good for me (I like warm climate zones). I didn’t like our first trip to Buenos Aires that much, because it was so crowded and it was so loud in the night because of all the parties that happened it got annoying espically having a jet leg.

In South America they almost always have differnt money in each country, my favourite note was this one with a jaguar on it. They almost only speak spanish in South America execpt in Brazil. In Brazil they speak pourteges, its weird to think that in only 100 meters they speak a differnt language.

In South America we went to lots of altudies, the highest alutide we went to was on the way to Colca Canyon. We hopped out of the car and walked around a bit. Walking wasn’t that easy because we were something like 4900 metres above sea level. And other times we were at sea level like in Santa Marta.

In South America we went to lots of differnt landscapes like Colca Canyon which had almost only rocks. And then Iguzua Falls which had lots of water and forests. And the other landscape we went to was the Atcama desert which was almost only sand and barley any water.

We are doing this world trip because it is doing family time and we learn about things like Differnt countries, climate zone, differnt money and heaps more. We even pracitesed finding where we are on a map and I can find most places where we were.

In South America we went to places where lots of pepole live and some with barely any. The place with the most pepole by far was Sao Paulo with 21.8 millon people living in it. The sixth largest in the world or the largest in the southern hemisphere.

I miss quite a few things which you don’t have here in South America. But by far I miss our dog Jumper the most. I also miss my friends and food that you don’t have here. And I have barely played soccer in South America which I miss quite a bit.

For maths we did dopplekopf by counting up the points in the end and by practicing the timestable. For writing we did this, writing about what we did. For reading we read books on the ipad or sometimes in a book.

In South Amercia we saw heaps of cool animals like Penguins, Condors, Blue footed booby birds, tortoise, turtles, frigate birds, pelicans, armdillos, sea horses, perigne falcon, indian mot mot and heaps more.

In south America we went to lots of differnt climate zones like salento and Colca Canyon which were cold. And Cartagena, Santa Marta, San Pedro De Atcama, Iguazu Falls and Galapagos were all warm.

We started to get a hobby of finding birds in South America. We found them and did photos of them and then tried idenfining on Merlin. A bird app and we did identify them quite a lot.


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