We arrived in a plane from Whindhoek to Frankfurt. We arrived in the middle of the night so we decided that we would drive through the night instead of waking up early and then driving. When we arrived we said hallo to our grandma ( Oma ) in german from two meters away and then went to bed. The next morning we had breakfast and we went looking around a bit, we went to the backery and did a small walk. The next day we went to a long cannal and did a walk. We saw some ducks and boats passing by. The following day we did a walk around muhlentach. We saw some goses and two swans.

The last two weeks we did the same but sometimes we did a differnt walk. And on easter Friday and Saturday we were panting eggs for us and Oma( it was really fun! ) Also on one of those days we went to dads Auntie and had a talk. We got some easter eggs from dads auntie. On the way there we stopped at a place by the can al were it meets the ocean mouth. There is something that seperats it becuase the cannal is lower than the ocean mouth. So when a boat comes from the ocean mouth the boats have to stay in there until they drained enough water so its the same hight as the cannal. And if that wasn’t there the boat would come in on a wave. A little before that we saw one stork and one heron.

On the way back we saw four storks. And we went on a small boat across the canal, the small boat was like a floating piece of road with a high control room and life vests. On the next day ( Easter Sunday ) we finaley got to hug Oma. We also found lots of eggs hiden from the easter bunny. That day for dinner we had babecue which had so much food that Jella called it a feast. The next day we saw some common buzzards at muhlentach. We also saw some canadian gose, grey gose and a pair of swans. Next we went up to Oma and played some games. And then later in the evening we had another babecue with Oma.

The next day we did a walk around muhlentach we saw a group of deers and some birds like crows and some goses and the pair of swans. The third week mum and dad have been in the garden alot. We even got to get our own little garden. In our garden we have spinach and tomatos. Also we have been playing with the new toys we got for easter. And looking at the birds at the bird feeder. There were lots of house sparows, starling, blue tits, great tits and black birds. Once we even saw a bird with a red cheast and dad said it was called a duhmphaf. Also listening to the church bell go a couple minutes to late. My Mum, Dad and Oma have been discasing what plants should go were and how many they wanted. We have even got two stone bird drinks. Sometimes we have gone on a small walk with Oma.


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