While we were staying in Schenefeld our aunt and uncle came for two days. While they were there we did a few walks and we made some arrows for my bow out of wood. For dinner we had a big BBQ with lots of meat, there was so much we couldn’t eat it all. The next day was Mother’s Day and we got some flowers for our mum. The following day they drove back to Hamburg and later that day we drove to Langholz.

We had to clean everything up when we got to Langholz because the last person who come here was before the winter. It took us the whole day but in the end it was all clean and all the spiders were gone. The next day we went to the beach to find some donnerkeil and faserkalk. We only ended up finding 3 donnerkeil and 1 faserkalk. The following day we went down to the beach again. I found a really big faserkalk and my sister Josina found a really long donnerkeil with a pointy bit at the end. Plus Josina found a seeigel they are really rare. And my mum found a pink faserkalk which are rare too.

The next day we went back to Schenefeld. We didn’t do much we just used my bow and fired at a target we made. A few days later we went back to Langholz.

This time we brang some boxes with wardrobes, shoe racks and a few more things. The next morning we went down to the beach and used a small eletric boat we had. Later on in the day we made the wardrobe, shoe rack and a few other things.

The next day was Farther’s Day (different day to NZ). We ended up going to Geltinger Birk. The track just went along the sea. On the way we saw a baby deer, ospery, storks, wild horses, frogs and lots of shags. All togther we walked 10.7 KM.

The following day our other aunt (Swana) and our grandma came. While they were there a submarine drove past. Later on we did a walk and saw two kingfishers, they were the same ones we saw in South Africa. The next day we went to Eckernförde to get some food. While we were there we saw the submarines and warships at the harbour.

The following day was my mum’s birthday. We didn’t do much just a walk and later we went to my dad’s uncle who had his birthday on the same day. For dinner my mum wanted bread with fish so went went to Eckernförde to get it.

The next day me and my dad drove back to Schenefeld and picked up the rest of the boxes that came while we were gone and went back to Langholz the next day. When we came back to Langholz it was raining so we didn’t do much that day. After a few more relaxing days we drove back to Schenefeld.

A few days later our aunts and uncles came back again and we drove to a nature reserve and did a walk there. The following day we visted one of my dad’s friends and had a BBQ there. Later we drove back to Schenefeld to prepare for our Germany road trip.


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